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Upwork hourly protection payment


I was scammed inside upwork platform and after working for hours using upwork tracking app and adding memo, the client didn't paied (even though he was supposed to have a verified payment method) and then I just received an email from upwork telling that I won't receive my money because I do not meet the criteria - and I do meet. I'm verified and I used correctly the upwork tracking app during the job - which was testing a streaming app. I also have tons of screenshots and messages that I have sent to client about my findings during the test. 
Does anyone know if there is a way to receive this funds? 
this platform seems so unsafe to me after that. 

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Hi Laura,


Apologies for the confusion this has caused. We appreciate you sharing your feedback about the messaging with us and will be passing it along to the team. One of our agents will also follow up with you on your support ticket as soon as possible to assist you further.

~ Nikola
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Thank you, Nicola! I had answered the emails I received from upwork and I am still waiting for responses. 

I am really worried as I worked all these hours, I have lots of screenshots proving it and I only received this communication telling me that I wouldn't receive it. 

Looking forward to hearing from you


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Are you working for $455.00, $950.00 /hr with your default $22/hr? You will be denided from protection for sure.

If the client offered this amout, why shouldn't I?

The upwork hourly protection terms didn't say anything about maximum hour price.

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