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Upwork is Not safe!!!!!


Hello all! I want to raise my voice here! This happened to me for the first time on Upwork. This time, I completed work, did my job for the client, and delivered on time. The client paid me $260 for the work! There may be one day of protection remaining until the funds appear for withdrawal. Today, Upwork has refunded all funds to the client! For no real reason! If this client or contract is a scam, why should I or any freelancer go through this?? Why does a freelancer always have to face all these strict rules of Upwork and scams. Why doesn't Upwork check fraudulent clients? This means that our money is not safe on Upwork and it is a scam as well. Searching for ways to steal freelancers' money from their accounts! My advice to all freelancers is to withdraw their money immediately after getting money from clients because Upwork is not safe for your money and they can get money back at any time using the excuse that the client was fraudulent or the contract was fraudulent! How do we know it was fraud or true? I did the work and submitted but Upwork ripped my money out of my account! Totally unfair! Unjustified! Very disappointing!

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Thats horrible. I am shocked at this absurd policy. Should not be valid for completed/paid projects.

I realized that Upwork is stealing money. It returns the money to the client and closes the client’s account to steal the money.

What was the "no real reason" it was refunded?

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In fact, I don't know why, why until the last day of protection, why not the first or second day, I did not even receive a convincing answer from customer support

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