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Urgent: Need Assistance Resolving Dispute with Employer Blackmailing Me

On September 25th, I had a call with my employer to discuss my progress and hourly rate, which was below average. However, they failed to consider my overall progress over the past two years(started job on Sep 2021). They said that they assigned me the easiest tasks and labeled me as a "Late Deliverer." If I was so bad, why did they not terminate my employment earlier? It seems they are using me because of my low rates while still expecting me to complete complex work. I can provide proof of the work I was doing, while all the other team members were working on fixes, I was building a whole standalone mobile apps for cross-platform.

The Apps I build:
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This is unacceptable. As of now, I have sent a formal resignation on September 26th and stated that I will not work after October 1st. They scheduled a knowledge-sharing call of 2-3 hours two times which I did my best on, but now they are blackmailing me to work or they will give me negative feedback. I request Upwork to collect all proofs from me and initiate a dispute with them to resolve this matter.


Hi Umar,


I'm sorry to learn about your experience with the client. I've escalated your Community post so that one of our agents can review this and assist you further. You can access your support ticket here.

~ Luiggi
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