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Using Auto Refresh Plus Extension for Upwork: Safety and Policy Compliance

Hello Upwork community,


I have a question regarding the use of the Auto Refresh Plus extension on Upwork. I am considering using this extension to automatically refresh the page at a time interval of 5 seconds so that I can stay updated with the latest job postings. However, before proceeding, I would like to know if this extension is allowed on Upwork and if it complies with Upwork's policies.

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Just use an RSS feed. Google about it. It's the best way to get up to date job posts.

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Just use an RSS feed. Google about it. It's the best way to get up to date job posts.

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From forum posts it appears it is allowed, as long as they are not in violation of the ToS ... I.e. only a very vague response can be found on this.


From my point of view I would surmise:

I would be extremely cautious about using this.


- It is fine to do so while you aren't working and you wouldn't be violating any TOS at that time. 

- It isn't fine to do so while you work as this can quickly result in a ToS violation:


1. you shouldn't be looking for other work while working

2. they display the same behaviour to the UpWork tracker as an auto clicker, by performing an automated action every few seconds continuously.  This behaviour will put your logged hours automatically into hourly protection for the wrong reasons, as such using auto-clickers is a bannable offense on UpWork as it is considered fraud.


While you may say, but I don't look at it while I'm working, that doesn't matter, browser extensions are always active even if you're not actively using them and it will be operating in the background, which is still picked up by the UpWork tracker. 


If you install it, I would make sure it is completely disabled or even uninstalled while doing hourly work with the UpWork tracker. (uninstalling and reinstalling a browser extension literally takes seconds).

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Hi Ahsan,


All users are responsible for any extension that they use, including making sure the extension is safe and complies with Upwork’s Terms of Service. Any extension can include risks, and we are not responsible for any data loss, malicious activities, or violation of Upwork’s Terms of Service, Terms of Use, and API Terms of Use that may happen if you choose to use an extension. You can check out this help article for more information. 


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