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Withdrawn paymenet to payoneer not received

The payment I withdrew to payoneer on the 6th if April is not received on my payoneer account. Please help


Hi Usman,


I checked the transaction and can it looks like it was successful from our end. Please note that withdrawals are processed within one business day, but it may take several days to arrive to your Payoneer account. If the transaction still isn't reflected on your account after eight business days, please let us know so we can initiate a trace for you. In your case, that should be on the 18th of April.


You may check this help article to know more about Payoneer Fees and Timing.


Additionally, I see that you already have an open ticket about the issue you experience. Rest assured that one of our agents will follow up with you on your ticket as soon as possible and assist you further.

~ AJ
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Thank you. The support agent has reached out to me

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