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Wrong Job Title on Profile & Overlay on Portfolio Thumbnail in App

Got invited by a client for a fixed price contract. Agreed in chat and asked to change the job title for more professional. Got a new invitation with a job title changed to the preferable one. Now, the job is done - yet the last job on my profile is what the client offered at the first place. And when check my closed contracts - it's the title I have asked for. So two different titles.


Now, I've already learned - it could be the case that the client changed only the name of the contract not the job, and that's why it happened. However when I got a new invitation I only had it titeled just the way I requested and I didn't see the other title anywhere in there.


Is there a chance - if I prove my agreement with the client to change the job title to the one I accepted? 


Second issue is that I have noticed that our portfolio tumbnails have some weird grey overlay effect, but only in the App. It desaturates imagery. Is there any way to fix the overlay on the portfolio thumbnails in the app?


Thanks a mill,


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