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client unresponsive

Hello team,


I want your help and guidance on this.

What if client is not responding.

If we withdraw then those connect would be wasted. In such cases what need to be done.

Any suggestion on this concern.

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Nothing. Be ready to waste your connects when applied. Thats how this site works.

this platform is an ever flushing toilet. ive been on for about 10 years. worse and worse with every *upgrade* that makes us fight eachother to be seen and heard. 

Critical "upgrade" was an year ago when top-management was changed. I think you also made your money before that, when it was a great platform.

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I have a 3 day rule with all potential clients. If they don't respond within 3 days, I withdraw as Unresponsive. Many of them come back with that technique.

Hello william,


Thank you for replying on this issue.

I appreciate your concern.

Although I tried same concept before but didn't get any result. Still let me try again to see if this works.

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