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help! accept offer button is disabled! how to fix it


Hi Celly,


Thank you for reaching out.


I understand that you have concerns about not being able to accept an offer. I just checked through your profile and I could see that there is an issue with your client's account. You will be able to accept the offer as soon as this is resolved.


I hope that helps. Thank you for choosing Upwork.

~ Johnabi

Thank you so much! 

Can i message the client so he knows i am running problem accepting his offer? Im afraid the offer will expire and he isnt aware there is technical problem

I do not see there is an option for me to message the client directly, pls help

Hi Celly,


Thank you for reaching out.


With the ongoing issue on your client's account, you will also be unable to directly contact them. Rest assured, our team has already reached out to your client in an effort to solve this. Once this is solved, you will be able to accept the contract and connect with the client. I'm unable to share more on this due to privacy concerns. However, I would like to encourage you to continue applying to more jobs in the meantime.  This article is a great place to start> 7 Tips for Boosting Your Success on Upwork


I hope that helps.

~ Johnabi

Thank you so much. 

I have the same problem.

Please help.

Hi Hani,


I'm sorry you're having trouble accepting this client's offer. If there are any issues with the client account, the "Accept Offer" button will be greyed out, and you will not be able to accept the offer. If the client resolves the issue with their account, you should be able to accept the offer, or they can send you a new one. That said, please keep in mind that we'll be unable to share any information with you about the latest status of the client's account for security and privacy reasons.


Additionally, please remember that communicating outside of Upwork before a contract starts is a violation of the Terms of Service. Please visit this page for more information on staying safe on Upwork.

~ Luiggi
Community Member


I seem to have the same issue with my accept contract button.

Can you please assist?

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