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need help ASAP! not able to contact help and support

Hi , few months ago my account was blocked by upwork for some misunderstandings and i contacted them and got my account back but since then i am not able to contact upwork help and support and every time i click on the help and support link it redirects back to the upwork.

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Please help me out guys I am not able to contact upwork support 

do you people see my messages ?

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and why you are not responding to my problem ? i have been on upwork like for 5 years but now i feel like outsider.

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Hi Muhammad Asim,


We certainly understand the urgency here. However, your access to our support page has been fixed. Feel free to reach out if you need further assistance with your concerns. If you have general questions about using Upwork or are looking for advice, feel free to post here in the Community.


A gentle reminder: Please avoid creating several tickets or posts for the same concern so the team can assist you more efficiently. We seek your patience and utmost understanding while sorting this out for you. Thank you!


~ Arjay

Hi Muhammad,


Thank you for reaching out.


I understand you have had issues contacting Upwork support as the support link redirects you. I have checked this and it has been fixed. You can now successfully contact Upwork support.


I hope that helps.

~ Johnabi
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