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new to upwork

i recieved my first job offering but they directed me to another application rather than upwork it doesnt show on my public profile that they gave me a job and also do you give the client all the work and wait for them to pay you can i trust them or is there a away that i can send half of it and then send all of it after the payment?



Hi Rukia,


Communicating outside of Upwork before a contract starts is a violation of the Terms of Service. In addition, you aren't able to see the contract in your profile because a contract has not started yet. You should never start working on a project with a client until a contract is in place. 


You can advise your client to first send you an offer through Upwork so that you can accept it and start a contract with them. Please also check this article for more information on how Fixed-Price contracts work.

~ Luiggi
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