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"US Only" Search Filter removed?

I have noticed today and yesterday the "U.S. Only" toggle switch no longer shows up on the job search screen?  Anybody else having this issue?   It's very annoying because all of  my searches are now filled up with job posts from clients overseas offering $1/hour or whatever.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi CJ,


Thank you for sharing your feedback! We've been testing a new and redesigned version of Find Work Home page. As a part of that change, U.S.-only jobs aren't accessible via the toggle anymore but are in a tab instead. Additionally, in the new version, the feed no longer defaults to US-only.

~ Bojan

Feedback: That change gets a great big  huge 👎  from me.


This is definitely NOT what I want because that Tab that says 'U.S. only' in 'Find' work'   only  shows what Upwork is 'suggesting' to me and what Upwork thinks is a match for my profile  and doesn't let me perform keyword searches across all the jobs in the system and limit the results to U.S. only the way  I used to.    I don't want to 'scroll through' a long list of U.S. Only jobs Upwork "picked"  and 'curated' for me to see but to  be able to search by specific tech skills on my OWN and limit them to U.S. only when needed.


That 'Find Work' - 'U.S. Only' tab is not a suitable replacement for freelancers being able to do their own "U.S. Only" searches with specific search terms.


The problem is that most of the stuff UW 'suggests' to me either in 'Best Matches' or through 'Talent Specialist'  invites or the 'U.S. Only' tab is way off-base for what I'm looking for - like not even in the ballpark most of the time.  It also means that I'm not seeing everything available, but simply seeing a limited list of what Upwork's algorithm "thinks" is best for me.  I've been having prettty good success finding and keeping good clients and interesting projects, so please don't mess it up by tampering with the search features that have been working well all this time and making the type of jobs I'm seeking harder to find.   The bottom line is that if I do a system-wide search for a term like 'Java' or 'PMP', I should be able to weed-out low-paying jobs posted from outside the U.S. when I need to.  In for some skills I need/want to look 'world wide'. For other skills, I sometimes need to be able to filter out 'junk'. I don't want to have to scroll through pages and pages of ridiculous job posts from overseas where clients are looking for somebody to build an entire  mobile app in Java for $3 "fixed price" just to find the more legitimate, serious clients buried in the 'pile'.


It's great that UW is always trying to find new ways to 'suggest' matching jobs to freelancers - especially new freelancers, but in doing so, you should not be taking away the tools we use to find good matches on our own.  Those of us that have been on UW for a while know exactly what we are looking for, so please leave the tools in place so we can look for specific types of contracts on our own.  Please put the U.S. Only toggle button back where it was.  

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A serious downgrade in my opinion, please bring back the US only button as it really helps us in filtering through low paying jobs!

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All my saved searches had "US only" toggle switched to on, but now some no longer have it on and show me Worldwide. When I try to change it back, it doesn't work. Also, I tried to delete it and create new search with US only on and it will not stay on. How do I keep to US only? Is there a trick I'm missing.


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Agreed, Huge dissapointment. Please bring back US only. 

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Yes, Please bring back US only. 



So recently I've been unable to view the "US only" button on the find work page, so is anybody else facing this issue.


I've even attached an image where I ussually found the US only button.




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Hope this HELPS: I'm using this as a temporary work-around, though this is MUCH less convenient.


This at least limits the results to just clients based in the U.S. but does not limit to clients willing to hire from the "U.S. Only".  Some U.S.-based clients may still be looking for 'cheap' rates overseas, but you can use the 'price' filters to weed out the cheap-skates.  The UPSIDE is that it lets you include other countries that often have postings with offering rates similar to jobs in the U.S. (UK/Europe, Australia, Japan, UAE, etc)






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Hi CJ and others


We've been looking into your feedback and issues you've reported. Could you please confirm if you are referring to the  Find Work page (which still has a US-only feed under a separate tab) or Job Search page.

The latter should still have the U.S.-only toggle for freelancers who're located in the U.S. Please, let us know if you don't see that toggle:



~ Valeria
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