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New "You have unread messages notification." bell icon notification. We don't needed it.

There's a new You have unread messages bell notification that is very annoying to delete. Specially when the bell icon has to be clicked in order to dismiss it.


Hi Flavio,


We appreciate you reaching out to us and I'm sorry for the inconvenience of this feature. When you receive a new message via Upwork Messages, by default we will notify you by email and with desktop and mobile alerts (if you’ve downloaded the apps). You can reply directly from any of these notifications and we will also post your reply in the message room in Upwork Messages. That way you’ll have an easy spot to review all conversations.


If you like, you can choose not to receive desktop, mobile, and email notifications by updating your notification settings. To change your notification settings:


  1. Go to Settings  Notification Settings.
  2. Select a drop-down option for desktop, mobile, and email notifications.
  3. For Other Upwork Email Updates check or uncheck the relevant notification as needed.

Please note that because we do need to send you an occasional message, you can’t opt out of every Upwork message, but we promise not to send them too often. Thank you!




~ Arjay

Thanks Arjay. I'm not talking about the regular messaage desktop notification (Red circle next to Messages with number) There's a new bell notification that doesn't go away even when you actually read the message.

Hi Flavio,


Could you please share a screenshot of the issue you're referring to so we could check and assist you further?



Here, I had read the message and still there's a bell icon notification. 

Hi Flavio,


Thanks for sending the screenshot! It looks like you're referring to the notification bell, please know this is not related to unread messages. If you've clicked on the bell and cleared all of the notifications, could you please try refreshing the page? You could also try clearing your cache and cookies or logging in with a different browser to see if the issue persists.