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About progression as a DevOps, looking for mentorship

Hey guys, I need a bit of your experience and time with my question.
I've got ~5 years in full-stack php and js. Last year after trying myself ad sevops I fell fanatically in love with automatization
So I've decided to change job a bit and try something new.


So far I played with Google Cloud Platform, loved and hated kubernetes and, of course, did some jenkins pipelines and docker. Then I wrote a couple of my own projects just to deploy and manage more complex clusters.. that's it.


So the point is - how to recieve a real work practice experience? Not much offers for people without experience, no invitation to the existing devops teams. How can I actually progress in this specialization now? Yes, I have two more items in my checklist - microservices and AWS, but i want to deal with more global approach.

Thanks for the info!

By the was, in such a situation I'm looking for a mentor who can show me the way you know. I'm quite a good learner and have some experience in other areas so if needed I can help you with php, js fullstack, hiload db work, team leadership, project management etc.

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Developer operations is such a broad field and encompasses many tools. I myself like data logging with ELK and Splunk which form part of a resiliant infrastructure.


Maybe specialise in one or two of the main devops tools and go in at a low proposal amount to get some client time under your belt