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Advice on which is the best language for a social networking site ?


I would apprecaite some advise on the best server language for social networking site.

- Users to interact with each other (so database needed for users to sign in/login in etc

- be able to sell to each other

- expect high traffic in the future & room to grow

- messaging option on the site

- speed


Is PHP or Java a better option ? or should I be thinking about something else; I value the communities advise and help. 

Thank you




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In my opiion, PHP is my first choice. You can do everything and there are lot's of resources out there. SO why not?

thanks for your reply.
>From my reading, it seems that it's not as quick/fast for managing of a
high traffic site and not as scalable as Java.
This is what I've read up on other recommendations from Dev's.

What language do you write on ?

Ya, I found that too. But facebook is developed in PHP, right? and they added other languages in their site after becoming populer, but still most of it, is PHP, right? Also they use HipHop compiler that convert PHP to C++, for speeding up the processes, so why not PHP? If you want to learn a single language, then choose whatever you want. Bcoz every single platform have lots of opportunity. But for heavy traffic social media site development, you need to learn multiple language for sure.