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Bringing my own client on upwork

Hi, I have found a client on an other website and I am wondering if I can make a contract with him on upwork and how much are the fees in this case. Also does upwork bring any protection ?

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Community Manager

Hi Badr,


Bring Your Own Client program is currently only available for Top Rated and Rising Talent freelancers. If you are not meeting those requirements, you can still send a link to your profile to your client and they can sign up for an Upwork account and hire you for a contract. You'll be paying standard Service Fee.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar


I am new to Upwork and I was searching for an answer to the same question. It is great to know that I can send them my profile link and they can hire me for a contract, but in such case should I ask my client to keep the conversation on Upwork only? Or is it possible they hire me on Upwork and we keep the communication outside Upwork?


Hi Nofil,


It is required to keep all of your communication with a client before a contract starts within Upwork, not doing so is a violation of our TOS. However, once the contract has started you can share any other contact information with your client and take further discussions outside the platform if you so choose.


Additionally, you may want to check out these resources we put together to help freelancers to get to a safe and successful start.



Thank you.

~ Luiggi