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Cover letter and profile review

I am newly joined freelancer to Upwork. It is highly appreciated if anyone can send a sample cover letter for developer website .
And i dont have any portfolio examples .
Will be a problem in the proposal of the work ?

Mehdi .

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Hi El,

Your proposals and cover letters should be specific to the jobs you are applying for. Clients gravitate towards excellent, well-written proposals that are tailored toward their project so anything that could come across as generic should be avoided. You can check this help article about writing great proposals for some tips. It is good to have portfolio items which show case projects you have previously completed but it isn't required.



Thank you for your information! Smiley Very Happy

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I have always gotten a response to a proposal whenever I write one that is very tailored to their requirements. The client wants to know that you actually read their post, understand what needs to be done, and can even provide some examples of past work that is similar to what they're looking for. That is what always works for me. Copying and pasting a cover letter in each job will get you nowhere. It helps to be on the other side of the hiring process too. I have hired people on Upwork before and know what it's like to get a bunch of applicants that obviously just copied and pasted some cover letter on the proposal. I had no confidence that they would be able to do the work because of that. So I ended up choosing someone who actually read my post and wrote about how they could achieve the job.

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Hi El! 

I'm a newcomer too but you can take a look at my profile & site.

Good luck