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Dataware house

Hi, Do anyone have an idea of dataware house? Modeling Enterprise Data Warehouse

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What kind of warehouse?

I have sent you an attachment for your review.


Thank you

What in the world does this have to do with Upwork?


Thank you for attaching the homework assignment so that we can get a better idea of what you are talking about.

I read this over, and I think it is a great assignment. It does require some thought, but you will learn a lot by doing this assignment.


There is nothing wrong with getting help!

If you would like tutoring in this subject, then you may post a job posting on the main Upwork.com site. This would need to be an hourly job.


You would not hire somebody to do the assignment for you (which is clearly not what you are asking for). You would simply post a short, clear note saying that you want to hire somebody with expertise in data modelling who can help tutor you in this subject and teach you the parts of this material that you are not sure about.


(We are assuming, of course, that there has been an extension on the due date. Because the assignment due date for this semester is: 9/30/2018, which was a couple days ago.)

Hi Osaze, 

I checked your account and I'm not sure if this is a job that you found on Upwork because you haven't sent out any proposals yet for any job post. 

If this is a job you found through Upwork, please send me the job post link so that I can ask the team to review. Please know that jobs that violate academic integrity is a violation of the Upwork Terms of service.

~ Avery

The original poster, in his second post, posted a homework assignment for a college class.


The assignment attachment was removed from the post.


The Community Forum is not a place where people can get college assignments done for them, or even get help with their college coursework.


It IS okay to hire tutors on the main Upwork job site.


What the Forum moderator is alluding to is the suspicion that the original poster is not actually a college student, but is a freelancer who has been hired - perhaps unofficially - to do a college assignment for someone else.


Either way, this is not the place for such things.