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GIT skill test

Hey, i would like to reccomend adding GIT test.

there are a lot of programmers that dont know how to work with git. and its annoying to teach each programmer how to use it everytime.


make a test on git and sourcetree 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you so much for your suggestion Stanislav! I'll share it with the team so they can review and possibly include it in the next update.

~ Vladimir

Yes' it very necessary skill for the developer also the client can easily  filter's the developer with git skill

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If someone can't/won't work with most popular DCVS like git/mercurial - this person could not be titled as a "programmer" or even a "coder". Git is a must-have skill in almost any development category for years and there's no real reason except laziness (or zero teamwork experience) for not knowing its basics.

Having such test-passed badge in profile could be a good filter for those who are looking for good developers.

As a first aid for a problem - you could ask developer for showing some tests passed on codeschool in its "git path".

For those who wants to learn but needs startup kick, this link to proGit will help: https://github.com/progit . Almost all general languages covered by translation.

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I second this. I use Git all the time and couldn't imagine working with a programmer that didn't know anything about it (or at least a similar type of source control system). Even if I'm working on a project by myself, I still use Git. Couldn't imagine not having it ... what a nightmare!