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How to study for the JavaScript test

Two books read usually does it for a Upwork test. Just cram one book a day. Now, you may run into a problem where the voices tell you to stop. But reading books quickly is still the fastest way.

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If I want to hire somebody to work on JavaScript for me, I'll hire a JavaScript expert.


I would not want to hire somebody who read two books right before taking a JavaScript test.

I would want to hire somebody who read zero books before taking the test.

I know your point, Preston. You would like a person to just type code and learn JavaScript that way. But I need to pass the JavaScript test in a hurry, because I haven't been able to simultaneously apply for Upwork jobs.


Anyway, I am just doing what I like now, and it gives me plenty of interesting warm (outside the head) work. I do a lot of work in the cold, inside my head. Now I am truly half-warm, half-cold. (Hopefully I get around to reading that book soon.)

Good luck with everything, Sharon...


Putting the Upwork tests aside...


Learning JavaScript, however you do it, is a good idea...


Reading books about it and hands-on practice are both things I would recommend. It sounds like you want to do that, as time allows.

I'm actually now watching JavaScript videos. It is easier than reading a book. Some of these video makers are seriously talented.