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Looking for simple, cheap, effective remote access software

Hello Friends,


I'm an Access developer, semi-retired and working exclusively through Upwork.  I often have a need to remote into client machines for evaluation and debugging.


I don't own remote access software.  I've used clients' remote access software, and a variety of free tools like join.me and noncommercial Teamviewer.  I would prefer to own and rely on a single tool.  Does anyone have a recommendation for a tool that meets these criteria:


  • Costs less than $100 / year
  • EXTREMELY easy to install / use.  Many times I'm visiting a client's computer just once.
  • Is fast and accurate.
  • Needs to work just on Windows

(Teamviewer is my favorite product, but is way too expensive).




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This is tounge and cheek, but why not post a job with small budget and some one can compare different products and give you an evaluation report.


Remember this is Upwork, no free work allowed.


Or you can google the remote access software and you will get bunch of them.  Visit their sites and see the features.  Many also offer free trial period.

Hi Prashant,


I have done a lot of googling.  I posted here because I'm interested in freelancers' opinions.  Thank you for yours.



Tongue in cheek is one way to put it.  If your answer is 'Google it' you should probably keep your tongue in your cheeks and let someone else answer.  I have the exact same question and would also like to hear what the others that have come before me have done to address the situation.

@Jason.  GOOGLE IT, or OFFER SOME TOUNGUE SWEETNER (money) or invest your own time and find it.  Do you give away free stuff to strangers?  You are in business to make money, people with knowledge are in business to make money selling their knowledge.



Prashant, I've spent years posting answers to people's questions about Access on various forums.  I don't consider that time wasted.  We help each other out.


No Bruce.  Let me give an example.  If you call a doctor (unless he is your friend) about some allergy symptoms he would ask you to take some allergy medicine (free).  But then if you ask him which one with your specifications - he would ask you to come to the office and discuss stuff with you.

Peple often are confused with the word 'help for generic stuff' and 'specific reccomendations'.


BTW I am not in that space so even if you post a job I would not apply.

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"I use the "free" TeamViewer; but prefer to "own"; but don't want to "pay"...


What a conundrum.

What is your point?

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Hi Bruce,


if you want it for just one-time login to your clients system, Teamviewer is for you the best choice;

You could also have a look to Webex. You can register for the Basic option for free, and have some nice features like VoIP and some storage in addition. This was my choice, as we used webex session for PLM testing on remote machines. Lightweight, fast and simple.


On the other hand, i think you should first ask yourself what you realy want. Then you should be able to find the right tool that fits your need. Free or cheap is a choice, but sometimes not a reason to go for something, especially in tech field.

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Thanks, Moutacim. I appreciate the suggestion.

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Remote desktop is built into every windows machine so it's free but not very user friendly for your clients to set up.


Chrome remote desktop is an option if they're using chrome and is also free.


TeamViewr is $50 and very popular.


zoho assist. I haven't used it but the few interactions I've had with the company in the past have not been reasuring. 



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Apart from Teamviewer , Ammyy Admin ( http://www.ammyy.com/en/  ) can be good choice. Overall its free.