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Unicode Coder

I would like to create my own custom emojis and have them on a keyboard app that can be downloaded for a fee. Is this possible? I was told that the emojis need to be created using unicode. Can someone help shed some light on this?

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Hi Xolile,


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I don't think  you can create a new emoji in Unicode. Unicode is just a list of 16-bit or 32-bit codes. People has to agree what each code means. You can't add your own random emojis unless you are building a closed system where devices inside the closed system needs to show your emojis (in that case  you can use codes in the Private Use Area of Unicode).


Hi Kuro,

So is it possible to create the custom emojis? I am not a creative so have no idea where to begin or what to look for when looking for a developer or coder. I found a deveoper on Upwork for the app but he could not code the custom emojis. He is the one who said it cannot be done. I have a graphic designer who has designed the emojis but I'd like them embedded in the text. That's the conundrum that I'm stuck with now. 




There is a block of code points (Unicode-speak of integer values) that are set aside for a private use. If you are writing an app and your new emojis need to be exchanged among devices running your app , you could use those code points for emojis. But you need to come up with a way to distribute the shape of the emoji you invent, in bit maps or vectors. Unicode won't help you on that. 

In generall, I would not recommend inventing your own emojis because you are making a closed system; the users of your app cannot exchange information with other apps. They can't copy & paste text that includes emojis from your app to other apps.

If you just want to insert a new shape of emojis, you might want to explore embedded SVG inside HTML. I don't know much about SVG; it might break the flow of text.


I basically want to make African emojis - still round but brown complexion and a few distinguishing features. I would be willing to even use some of the standard ones but in a brown complexion and attache different meanings to them... Have those added onto my keyboard app and be able to work with other apps i.e. FB, whatsapp, twitter etc. Is that possible? How would I brief this in to a coder or developer or designer? Who can assist me in creating these - easily?