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What is the going rate for a good manual tester?



Looking for tester for my agency - quality of what we do at times seems lacking because developers aren't great at testing their own job, and i don't have time to test everything myself.


What is the rate i am expected to pay to get good people? I prefer Russian or Ukrainian speakers to go along with my developers well.



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Look for a well-reviewed app developer with a wide variety of projects and who speaks Ukranian or Russian. Ignore rankings and success scores. Invite her/them to a project and request proposals, not prices or bids. You want them to describe their approach to your work, and their methodology, how they would communicate with you and your developers, what the output of their tests would be, how to check the reliability of their results.


Specify that you are seeking an independent tester/evaluator, not an employee or remote developer. You do not intend to hire the individual as an employee or developer, because you want objectivity. They'll tell you what to pay.

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Hi Alex,

I like to share some idea regarding what to pay for particular skills.

here is my thoughts.

  • Search for freelancer with required skill and location filter.
  • Take top 10 or random 10 freelancer profiles.
  • List them what they offer hourly rate.
  • And do something with average rate of them.

Let me know if you like this idea I will share some more.