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unfinished website, things go sour on first fixed price job post. will i lose my money?

i posted a job for a logo rebrand and a basic website on a fixed price ad. Here is the issue, the developer wants to give us an unfinished website for the agreed price or wants more money to finish the site. He is threatening to close the job and getting a new one built will put us behind schedule. it's a basic website with 12 pages with no eCommerce.


How do we get help from upworks? will we lose our money in escrow? what about the time lost by going to the wrong guy on the first job.


Hi Mo,


I understand that it's best to attempt to resolve the situation with the freelancer in a way that would prevent a loss from your end and can probably benefit both of you, given the time spent in the project up to this point. Keep in mind that you have the ability to request an Escrow Refund, and you can also choose to pay an amount different than what is available in escrow, but this will undergo a dispute if the freelancer rejects the refund request. I recommend that you check this help article for more information on how this works.


Thank you,

~ Luiggi