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what i'm required honestly to do landing my next jobs, please?

i'm gonna change my current career to a web developer which i have learned for many months i am good at bootstrap, HTML and css, and i have the basis with php, sql, wordpress, shopify. 

please, tell me honestly what i do to fastly succeed in that industry?

is i'm required to make a responsitory to land my next jobs?

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1. Don't quit your current job.

2. Get an internship paid/unpaid.

3. Go to websites such as onepagelove.com or awwwards.com to get some inspiration.  Study the design styles/typography/layouts/color pallets.

4. Build a portfolio (I think you call it a repository)

5. Bid on jobs and go above and beyond.


Remember web design is a very crowded space.  You will be competing a lot.

i am a web developer not a designer

 Hi Abdelrauof,


Prashant is correct. You shouldn't give up on sending proposals to potential clients. I see that you now have a Rising Talent Badge, congratulations! Please check out these helpful blog articles to help you write winning proposals, improve your profile and tips on how to be successful on Upwork. Feel free to reach out if you need further assistance.


~ Joanne

@Abdelrauof M wrote:

i am a web developer not a designer

 Whatever you decide to do as a freelancer, you must be certain that you can deliver the goods. Have a look at this excellent thread, and pay particular attention to Bill H's replies.


  1. You need to work on building a descent portfolio. And,  you can achieve this by searching for NGO's and small businesses in your area, offer these organisations your services for free in exchange for referrals.
  2. Use the referrals and goodwill to search for jobs.


i have GitHub profile that full of responsitories containing projects and hard codes, is that sufficient