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Upwork Global Hispanic & Latinx Community
A virtual home for the global Hispanic and Latinx community on Upwork!
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Dec 01, 2022

Hola a todos! ¿Necesita ayuda para comenzar con Upwork? ¡Entrenamiento gratuito está disponible! Mi nombre es Hilda Medrano y soy un Upwork Coach de Upwork Academy,un conjunto accesible e interactivo ...

Oct 11, 2022

Hola a todxs!    Con el lanzamiento del grupo Upwork Global Hispanic & Latinx Community, nos comprometemos a apoyar a la comunidad Upwork Talent y nos complace invitarles al Upwork Talent Huddle: Cele...

Sep 13, 2022

Guia del Grupo: Upwork Hispanic & Latinx Community Años en UpWork: Desde March 2022 Industria Principal: Diversidad, Inclusión, y Pertenencia     ¡Hola gente! Mi nombre es Marcela Colimodio, y soy la...

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Upwork Global Hispanic & Latinx Community

Upwork Global Hispanic & Latinx Community

A virtual home for the global Hispanic and Latinx community on Upwork!
1182 members
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Created 08-29-2022
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As part of a new feature in Upwork Community, you are being invited to join this exclusive Upwork Group - a new facet of our Community website functionality. Our goal is to increase community collaboration by providing a space for you to communicate, innovate, and collect product related insights. As always, our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service, including our User Agreement and Terms of Use, apply to all interactions in this and any other Upwork Community Group, and your access is contingent upon your compliance with these guidelines and terms.

We especially want to highlight the terms in section 3.3 regarding treating others unfairly, as everyone should be treated fairly and legally on Upwork. You cannot use Upwork to: Express an unlawful preference in a job post or proposal unlawfully discriminate against someone; Incite or encourage violence; Post personal identifying information or other sensitive, private data about another person; Spam other users with proposals or invites. This includes posting the same job several times at once and contacting people you connected with on Upwork outside of Upwork without their permission; Make or demand bribes or payments for anything other than the work; Ask for or demand free work – you can’t ask freelancers to submit work for little or no payment as part of a proposal bid or competition; Request a fee in order to submit a proposal; Request or provide services that primarily concern making purchases on behalf of another, including the purchase of cryptocurrency or NFTs.

While we want to foster communication and community, this includes the limitation in our Terms of Service on sharing personal contact information prior to entering a contract, so let’s keep the contact on Upwork. You are also responsible for complying with your agreements with your clients on Upwork, so please do not share any confidential or proprietary information at any time. As with any new endeavor, please bear in mind that we are in the beta phase, so improvements, continuing education, and other necessary milestones may be implemented to improve the Groups experience. We appreciate your patience as you experience this journey with us!