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Ensuring Upwork’s Platform and Tools Are Used As Intended


We build products and tools so that our customers can form strong, productive working relationships safely. When these tools are misused or circumvented, it reduces the high level of protection we want all freelancers and clients to experience. To help ensure that our platform is safe, secure, and compliant, we require everyone to use the Site as intended.


We Do Allow
Customers to have one freelancer profile and multiple client profiles on one account.
Freelancers and clients to communicate outside of Upwork (if they would like) after entering into a contract on Upwork.
Off-platform interviews when the freelancer and client have a prior relationship or the client is an Enterprise or Business member.
Subcontracting on fixed-price contracts.
We Don't Allow
Anyone under the age of 18 to have an account.
Customers to have multiple accounts (though several account types are permitted under one account).
Freelancers and clients to enter into contracts or make payments for work done together outside of Upwork for two (2) years after finding each other on Upwork.
Sharing or asking for any means of direct contact prior to the start of a contract.
Subcontracting on hourly contracts unless service is being provided by an agency.

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