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Promoting the Honest and Ethical Use of Upwork


Freelancers and clients should be able to offer and accept contracts with peace of mind. To promote integrity within the marketplace, we don’t permit jobs that are misleading, deceitful, or unethical. 


We Do Allow
Career coaching and virtual assistance. 
Completing a skill assessment prior to entering into a contract. 

Educational support, like tutoring and the development of course materials.

Jobs that involve the detection or prevention of misinformation or disinformation.
Requesting examples of past work.
The use of publicly available information as an example or inspiration for a job.
We Don't Allow

Academic or professional cheating, including completing academic or professional requirements on behalf of another person or entity. 


Anything that involves deception or manipulation including creating or spreading misinformation and purchasing or providing fake product reviews.

Attempts to manipulate Upwork’s feedback system, including hiring yourself or someone else solely for the purpose of leaving or receiving positive feedback.

Jobs that require freelancers to pay fees, make purchases unrelated to the work or leave reviews on other sites.


Jobs that violate Upwork’s or another company’s Terms of Service. 


Plagiarism or infringement of another’s intellectual property including copyrights and trademarks.


Skill or experience misrepresentation.

Unpaid work, including jobs that require freelancers to complete any portion of the final deliverable as part of their proposal.

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