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Protecting Customers From Physical or Psychological Harm


We want freelancers and clients to feel safe on our platform, so they can confidently get work done. Actions that promote hatred or victimization of any kind are prohibited. These behaviors jeopardize that feeling of safety and limit access to the economic opportunities of our marketplace. 


We Do Allow
Jobs that include appropriate and necessary age, racial, or sex requirements related to the nature of the work, like voiceover or advertising campaign jobs.
Jobs that involve sexual education, sexual health, and romance fiction.  
Jobs related to building tools for preventing exploitation.
We Don't Allow
Discrimination, abuse, or harassment.
Jobs that are intended or are likely to cause harm to another person or entity.
Sexual, vulgar, graphic, or exploitative content.

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•  Upwork's commitment to nondiscrimination, inclusion, and respect.  



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