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Act fast! this job was posted less than five minutes ago and we think its a perfect match for you!

and of course the job?

"Need edi developer for handling 837I"


Dear Upwork:


I don't know what an "edi developer" is exactly; but it is not a writer or editor.


I know both jobs contain vowels and consonants in their titles, but if they aren't arranged in the same order they aren't the same thing.


Tell me again why this is a perfect match?



Not an edi developer

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Those jobs are never any good. I need to get rid of the notification. I heard that you can.


The "15 jobs for you" thing is pretty good. I can usually find something from there.


The Writer Team thing I think is dead in the water. There is a job written in arabic that I reported that still stays up, and it's the same jobs for weeks. Didn't used to be that way, so I have a feeling that cloud is going poof one of these days.

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But, Cheryl...it has "edi" in it...that looks like part of "editor"!