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Cheated by Client

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Nichola L Member Since: Mar 13, 2015
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Jennifer M wrote:

Cheap freelancer that sells fraudulent Google Play reviews meets cheap client that wants "native" mother tongue and things of content and doesn't get it because well.... yeah.


It's glorious dramz and I love it.

+1000 - as usual, you nailed it.  

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Claudio A Member Since: Feb 3, 2019
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Cheap freelancer? Sorry, but the guy is just trying to explain his case and he has already admitted that was his fault for beleiving he could be the exception. Moreover, he writes fluently..... i really don´t understantad why cheap freelancer unless you guys are upwork´s oweners and/or advocates...

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Douglas Michael M Member Since: May 22, 2015
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No, the OP's English is not fluent. That is not a barrier to success on Upwork. It is a barrier to being taken seriously as a seller of English-language services. As are cheap rates. These are hard, cold, facts. No amount of delicacy of phrasing can make them more palatable. One can hear what we have to say, or not.

What we are is people who are largely successful on Upwork, and don't mind anyone else being successful. What we do mind is the constant stream of less-successful freelancers whom we tell what they need to do to become more successful, only to be met with arguments and defensiveness.

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Claudio A Member Since: Feb 3, 2019
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Well, that´s right.... sorry.... but the boy is starting.... the true is that we have to pay attention to reviews either  from customers or freelancers