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Difference between copy, content and creative writer

Hey, Would you please tell me what is the difference between copy, content and creative writer? I want to post a job to hire for my about page, philosophy, process making for my product.I am confused which one I should be looking at out of the three who will be able to voice my brand, brand awareness and make sales.


Thank you.

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Hi Amina,


Some writers blend into all 3 categories, but a general rule of thumb is:


Copy: Mainly shorter pieces, adverts, PR, posters. Catchy headlines. Sales. 

Content: Journalism type writers, including research into their work. Include SEO too for search engines.

Creative: fiction books, poems, prose, descriptive work. 


As you are looking for someone to sell your brand, I'd go for a punchy, headline grabbing writer, hence a copywriter. 


Best wishes,



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Thank you for your reply. Really appreciate it.

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Web content and/or copywriter would be the categories you are seeking. 



Along with the excellent advice you've received, your query reads "job to hire for my about page, philosophy, process making for my product". That translates into branding you and your product from a writers point of view and skill sets ... and should be included in your RFP and/or search for possible providers.




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Thank yopu for the reply. Much appreciated...

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OP, I have no idea either. I just tell people that if they want fluffy creative things and things that I'm probably not the right person.