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Feedback For Writer Profile Overview - PLEASE!

Hello everyone! 


My name is Dorcas and I started on Upwork roughly one month ago. I've been getting jobs (thankfully) but I have also researched a lot on how to maximise my profile to attract the best clients. After countless revisions, I have finally settled on an overview that I plan to keep for a while. Still, I'm not quite sure it is as convincing to others so please, I would appreciate some help from community members. 


Here's the link to my profile: https://www.upwork.com/fl/therookycookie


It'd be great to receive feedback on practically everything there but mostly, this is what I want to know: 


- What do you think about the title?

- Is the overview engaging enough for you to want to read till the end? Most importantly, if you were a potential client, would you be convinced to contact me?

- What 'vibe' does it give... professional or amateur?


I would really appreciate any help I can get, from anyone at all, and it would be an honor to hear what you think! 


Looking forward to your answers.


- Dorcas. 

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Hi Dorcas,


Change title to: "Award-winning Fiction Writer - Romance, Fantasy, Thriller


The first two lines are what a client sees in a search so it really has to stand out.  Answer the opening question with a general statement teasing the reader to want to contact you and learn more.  Scrolling down to find the answer is unlikely.  Also make your profile shorter.  


The rest looks good to me.  With a JSS of 100%, you're off to a great start. Good luck!