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Freelance writing questions

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Kendra B Member Since: Sep 25, 2018
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If it's not a problem, could some of you look at my profile and see what I need to change / improve? I've attempted to update it, but, if nothing else, a lot of it just doesn't really sound like "me." I guess I'll link to my personal blog for writing samples, even though I haven't yet optimized it for SEO or gotten the articles published somewhere else or anything like that. I've heard that writing for SEO takes quite a bit of work. 


I don't really understand the logic, to be honest, and I think leveraging social media platforms that you're aleady active on is a better strategy than trying to trick a search engine, but I've seen a few people asking for people who knew how to write for SEO, so I guess it's a skill I should try to demonstrate that I have. Right now, though, I don't have it, and I'm working on this blog to see if I can get any good results. 

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Tonya P Member Since: Nov 26, 2015
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Outside academics, people will only pay for written work when it is profitable for their business. So, yes, your work needs to be shareable, optimized for the client's keywords and formatted in the manner that web content is expected to be formatted. 


To freelance, you must not only be a writer but a business owner who markets her business. This means you need to understand your target clients' needs and address them in everything you do. Solve their problems in a cost-effective way. 


Also, while you need to be able to craft compelling content without assistance, you don't have to be your own proofreader to succeed as a freelance writer. I pay a proofreader to review my work. Outsourcing this step saves me time and leads to a better final product for my clients. Of course, you need to consider the cost of any services that you outsource when setting your fees. 


Finally, you can link to your personal blog in a proposal but you cannot link to your personal blog on your Upwork profile page if any information on the blog would allow viewers to reach you without going through the Upwork interface. 

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Ruth B Member Since: Jul 22, 2017
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SEO writing isn't about "tricking" a search engine. It's about writing in such a way that search engines can easily understand that your content is relevant to their user's search query. As it happens, writing for SEO usually makes it easier to read for the audience. Writing for SEO is a long-term investment.

As long as the site is up, the client has that content to share. How long does a Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram post remain relevant? Not nearly as long. A client can share a blog post or article with their email list, but they don't usually share social media posts do they (context matters of course)? 

Social media is just another pillar in a solid content marketing strategy. It has it's place, but it doesn't TAKE the place of another pillar. 

The basics of SEO writing aren't hard, and the writing gets easier as you adjust to the recommendations. SEO writing was one of the first skills I added to my freelance writer arsenal when I first got started, and look at me now! :-)

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Dhalia B Member Since: Nov 8, 2018
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Thank you! Very helpful.
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Tonya P Member Since: Nov 26, 2015
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Your profile might be useful if you were looking for a friend, but it will do little to attract clients. 


Your profile shares your opinions and tells clients what you want, how does that help them? 


From line 1, your profile should tell the client WIIFT (What's In It For Them?) What can you do for the client and how will it solve their problem. That you love your work or how you discovered your career destination is of no interest to them.

Primary client concerns:

What can you do?

How well can you do it?

How much will it cost?

When will it be done?

Can you get the work done reliably and without drama?