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Google sheets virus

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Jan Q Member Since: Nov 9, 2015
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It’s ironic that I have just been hacked, after all my complaints of how we are under threat on a daily basis. Even more so, as Google Chromebooks are meant to be safe.  This is the first time of being hacked. It is a new very effective scam concerning google sheets. The hackers put a up a fake google sheet page and insert files that you can neither touch or delete. Google are keeping very quiet about this. The files remain on your system and Google has not found a way to remove them.Therefore the hackers cannot as yet be removed from your account. The logo on the sheets page is green with a white cross.

Therefore anyone that contacts me via email is also under threat. They have access to everything.

Please check your google sheets for any unknown file that arrives from outside.

It is similar to the google docs scam which was very effective but this is far worse. You are not require to click on  any email, the file just arrives into your account.

The names on my files are capt rio onasis ,dpo,mni  and david ling nai chiew ling.

The first is a terrorist , the second a top IT specialist,  supposedly.

There is never a good time to be hacked but at the start of a new year, when I was in the middle of a large project, it is very disturbing. especially as Google are not able to eradicate it. 

Be very careful with google sheets.

regards Jan

Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Jan,


I'm really sorry to hear that, could you please confirm if the files were transferred via Messages or sent directly to your email address? Has your Upwork account been compromised or only your email address? Please pm me the job details if the files were sent by a client you met on Upwork, secure your Upwork account and consider changing the email address for the time being and let us know if you need further assistance.

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Jan Q Member Since: Nov 9, 2015
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Hi, No I did not receive this through My Upwork files or messagers. A file was put into my account via Google sheets. ( I do not even use Google sheets) It . Then a second file arrived. Google is dealing with this but cannot remove them either. You cannot delete this files by any method and other people have the same problem. I just wanted to warn people about fake google sheet files which appear from nowhere.



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For those who want to know more about this vulnerability: Everyone's Getting Blasted With This Google Docs Scam

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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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You can remove OAuth permissions here:


You need to be careful who you give permissions to when that screen shows up saying x dev wants permission to data. But, you can revoke permissions using the link above.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "No I did not receive this through My Upwork files or Messenger... I just wanted to warn people about fake google sheet files which appear from nowhere."


This is a Google issue, and a Google Docs issue.


It has nothing to do with Upwork.


The original poster is relaying her experiences with Google Docs and also things she has read about problems with Google Docs.


She is not discussing an Upwork issue. Even in her original post, this was clear.


In my experience, clients typically provide a LINK to a Google Docs document. They don't send a file which could potentially be infected.


But I do appreciate the Forum Moderator's willingness to pass on information about the original poster's experience to Upwork technical staff to make sure that there is nothing Upwork itself needs to do.

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Jan Q Member Since: Nov 9, 2015
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I am confused as to why I was sent a PM yesterday to which I replied and this was published on the forum. I have no objections to it being published but I thought PM's were private?

regards Jan

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Jan Q Member Since: Nov 9, 2015
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Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately this fake sheet is not listed in any of my apps or extensions on the chromebook. It is however on my drive. I cannot touch it and Google do not have the answer. regards Jan

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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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It's not due to Chrome or apps on the Chromebook. It's due to giving a dev permissions on your Google Account, so you have to revoke permissions on your Google account, not Chrome. The link I posted points to your Google Account permission settings.


Then, set up two factor on your Google Account.


It's on your drive probably because you gave someone access to your G drive, so go through the permissions in the link I posted and revoke if you don't recognize it or need it.



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Jan Q Member Since: Nov 9, 2015
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This  ( below) is from a google docs forum  - exactly the same issue. I still have a fake google sheets on my drive and google cannot eradicate it. Would be interested to hear if any other forum users have had the same issue and if they have managed to resolve it.  thanks Jan


Unknown Google Sheet Document in My Possession Mysterious People Leave Upon My Entrance

Dear Google Community,


I have a rather urgent issue to discuss. I have 4 linked personal Gmail accounts. I happened to use the search bar in one of the accounts to search up something. I typed a word and noticed that in the drop down at the way bottom was a Google Sheet icon and a title that said "New Liked Video." Since I have never used Google Sheets before and hadn't had any interactions with it at all, it was alarming.


I pressed on it and it was a Google Sheet that was created in 2016 full of links (did not click on any of them). I also noticed that there was someone else viewing the document as well with their full name and picture showing on the top tab. The person quickly left (maybe since I joined?). I headed back to Google Sheets home to search up the owner and it says "Capt Rio Onasis MM."  I went back to the page and realized that another individual is currently accessing the document. I quickly hovered over the name to expand it and took a screenshot of it just in time before the person left the page. Please look at attachment below (I blurred out my e-mail address).


Content on the page date back to July 2017. I do not know who these people are and I do not know why I am in possession of this file that I am not associated with. Also, the fact there appears to have people browsing it. I have removed the Google Sheet from my possession before writing this posting.   


Please help. I don't know whether this constitutes a breach of personal security or what. I have sensitive material in my Gmail account. I have checked my account activity and noted that all access type, location (IP) to be from my end of the network. I am not on any shared device and the only other place I use the Gmail account associated with this problem is on my phone which is password protected.


Your prompt response is highly appreciated.


Thank You