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How can we correct a typo after a proposal is sent?

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Will B Member Since: Apr 23, 2017
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Hi Guys,

I recently sent a proposal to a potential client for a creative writing job that I thought was pretty good.  Then when I looked at it later, I discovered that I had made not one, but two glaring typos (including using the word "mercilessly" when I meant the opposite!).


Is there any way to correct these typos and re-submit the proposal?

The only thing I could find was the "Withdraw Proposal" button which isn´t what I want to do.


Thanks for your help.

Cheers, Will B.

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Janean L Member Since: Apr 6, 2016
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@ Will --


Nope, that's it: Withdraw proposal and re-submit. Annoyin', ain't it? I feel yoour deep (and merciless?) pain.

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Virginia F Member Since: Feb 15, 2016
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This is why I type proposals in an external text edit program first, where I'm able to make sure all is well. Then copy/paste into the bid window.


ETA: The other good reason for doing this is because you never know when Upwork is "gonna fall down and go boom".