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How much should I charge for a local client in Dubai?

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Bilal A Member Since: Oct 20, 2016
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I have a local client in Dubai whom I write for. I found her via Upwork. I want to know what is a good rate I should charge her. I met someone he said I was charging low. 


I am currently charging USD 60 per 500 word article. These are finance blog posts that go on local PE firms' websites. 




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Tonya P Member Since: Nov 26, 2015
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Your existing client probably isn't going to be interested in what someone else thinks you should charge her. Raising your rates with a current client is a delicate process. You might be better served to decide what you want to charge the next client. 

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Wendy C Member Since: Aug 24, 2015
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The other side of the argument that might help you raise your current rates:


1. How long have you worked with this client?

2. If it has been months - at least 3 - send a note explaining that at the start of each year your rates are subject to a 10% (you decide the actual %) increase annually.  

3. Discuss this with your client. Do not demand an increase. 

4. Tell them you enjoy working with them and helping them reach their business goals, etc.


As Tonya wrote - this can be dicey.  But worth a try.  Timing is on your side.

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Lisa D Member Since: Aug 19, 2010
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Whatever you feel happy receiving + 20% for UPWORK.  So if you feel that $10 should be okay, ADD to $10. a big $2.50 for Upwork - ask for $12.50