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Kim F Member Since: Aug 26, 2015
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Douglas Michael M wrote:

Somewhat OT:


I am still holding off on specialized profiles. I thought of using them to enumerate types of editing (and their costs), but I couldn't conceive how to make that work. I have found the new beta "popular," i.e. typical, projects list to be better suited to my needs for that. I can put out there that different kinds of editing have different costs, without getting into the details of the taxonomy.

There's an issue in that the definitions don't mean the same thing to everyone - especially the blur between sub/copy/content editing. That's without considering people who are generally befuddled. I do better with bids that specify what I'm doing while avoiding the terminology and am trying to transfer that approach to my profiles.

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Kim F Member Since: Aug 26, 2015
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Wendy C wrote:

Kim, I agree with Christine about repositioning that line.  It is too good to be buried.  You might want to delete the very last line; a bit cutesy which is neither your style or needed.


On your editing profile, would it make sense to briefly explain the various forms of editing?  Or do you prefer to keep development editing under writer profile?



I moved the line up and will take another look tomorrow. Still debating the last line with myself...


Re explaining the forms of editing. I was actually trying to avoid that by listing the sort of stuff I'd do. Apart from anything else, it's taken me quite a while to accept people don't sub-edit now because they'd rather copy-edit and like like to do developmental rather than substantive editing. 


Then I realised that I had to put the terms on my profile as someone could be using them as search terms. So I have, though I might go back and tweak this again later. 


Question for people who have been paying closer attention than me: Do I only get to have one writer's profile or can I have a specialised writers profile as well as a general one?

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Wendy C Member Since: Aug 24, 2015
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Kim,  that was the quandary I was dealing with.  I ended up with one for writer, etc. and the SP as branding specialist, etc. - which is listed under Content Strategy as Branding was not available.  Almost every job shows on both profiles.


99.9% of the time I do both for clients > in most cases they are so tightly intertwined that its impossible to do one and not the other. Partially because I do not bid on 'article writing' types of jobs and adamantly refuse to touch long sales letters.


Keep your general profile as a writer who is happy to edit and your SP as a highly skilled editor who happens to be a successful writer.


Have a look at both of mine. 2 stories focusing on different search terms but, in essence, cross selling each other.