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Is Article & Blog writing enough?

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Bhagyashri L Member Since: Apr 9, 2020
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I'll excited for this job's.. I l'll give my best
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Bill H Member Since: Aug 18, 2017
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Fluency in the language is insufficient. Fluency in the subject matter and the culture of the author/reader are also needed. Even then, you need to be able to write in the language without first translating from your mother tongue. Petra does that. I am not convinced you do.


Consider translating from English into your native language. Few people can do a great job unless the destination language is native. You may have more than one native language, or your native language might vary by subject . My mother tongue is English; my native language for medicine is German, for nuclear power is French and for household appliances is Spanish. I only do translation work as a favor for friends and management consulting clients.