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New to Upwork

Hi friends I'm new to Upwork I would like to know how it works

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  1. Profile Setup: Create a detailed profile showcasing your skills, experience, and portfolio. Also, take a profil foto of your own, with smiling and positive face

  2. Job Search: Browse through job listings in your field. Use filters to find jobs that match your skills.

  3. Submit Proposals: Write proposals tailored to each job. Explain why you're a great fit.

  4. Client Communication: Clients may message you or invite you for an interview. Be prompt and professional in your responses.

  5. Contracts: When hired, you and the client agree on terms, including deadlines and payment.

  6. Work & Deliver: Complete the project according to the contract. Communication is key during this phase.

  7. Payment: Upwork offers secure payment options. You can track your earnings on the platform.

  8. Reviews: Clients leave reviews after the job. Good reviews enhance your profile.

  9. Build Reputation: Over time, your profile and reputation grow. You can access more jobs and higher-paying ones.

  10. Fees: Upwork charges a fee on your earnings, which varies based on your lifetime billings with a client.

Remember, building a successful profile takes time. Start with smaller jobs to gain experience and reviews.

Tural Babashov

Thank you for your quick and efficient response, I am really happy to see you helping me, have a nice day 

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Please help me get a job,I am new to Upwork and I have no experience.