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Please Introduce Yourself!

Hello Everyone! 


This thread is here so you can introduce yourself to your fellow Community members!


You are encouraged to add some details on:

  • what you're looking to achieve with joining this Community​, 
  • what you'd love to learn from other ​freelancers, or 
  • what business processes you've got figured out!

Tell us a little bit about yourself below!

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hey its mina i just want my first order because my profile is complete i have my approved project but nobody sent me oeder can you me to grown upwoork and how to rank up my profile how to get orders 

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Hi, I'm Fatima. I am a journalist and writer who joined Upwork in search of good freelancing gigs. No luck yet :p. Hence, trying to interact with fellow memebers and see where it leads. Hoping for the best.

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hello everyone

my name is fatima from pakistan. I joined this community to grow myself and improve my work as well. be socialise with other peoples and getting more knowledge is my interest. i have good communication skills as well as i am a good listener and writer.  thank you 

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Hello Hope

Just joined the community this morning , hoping to find something meaningful and help and guide from the community 

Hi I am S M and I am a good writer also a good teacher.
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hello everyone

my name is Atika Abbas from pakistan. I joined this community to grow myself and improve my work as well. be socialise with other peoples and getting more knowledge is my interest. i have good communication skills as well as i am a good listener and writer.  thank you 

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Hi, I am Betty. A Journalist and a facilitator. I write on all topics and I proofread as well. I need connections.

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feels great being in this community.


I am Blossom, a research white paper writer nd designer. my niche is on fintech, blockchain, NFT and web3

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My name Peter Greyson, I'm a Lawyer and Academic Writer, specializing in legal research and writing. I have a passion for both the law and academia , and I enjoy using my expertise to help others.

I'm glad to be here. I joined upwork two years ago but unfortunately I was not active for reasons that I didn't know how this platform operates.

I would be keen to learn from you.

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Hi, Upwork writing family,

I am humbled to join this group as a rising copywriting talent. For past 8 years, I have been into writing. Following are my areas of expertise:

  1. Engineering and scientific writing
  2. Email copywritng and email compaigns 
  3. land page and web page copywriting
  4. SEO based writing
  5. Ebook writng
  6. Dissertation 
  7. Ghost writng
  8. Article and blog writnig
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My name is Atika Abbas from pakistan. I write on all topics and I proofread as well. I need connections.I am a good writer also a good teacher.I

joined this platform to get ideas and guidance on ways to get the first client and also collaborate for future endeavors.Thank You

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I am freelancer want to join this grup

Faiza raheem

You are highly welcome 

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Hello Bethany,

Hopefully you will be fine. I am Dr Qurrat Pharmacist by my profession .I have several speacialities and want to share at this platform,like I'm a leader can lead a team in motivational way.I'm health care provider can give benificial tips with regards to your medical regimen and about your health.I'm a writer and love to write about my profession and want to share my professional experience as a production officer,regulatory officer and Researcher in Pharmaceuticals. I'm available if any one wants to learn can coonect me .



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Hello Everyone! 

I'm Hafsa from Morocco . A new member of upwork community.

I'm so interested in the topics of jobs here . It's more like my hobbies in life !

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Hi Everyone,

I am new here, and still haven’t gotten any projects yet, but I look forward to more positive encounters. Thanks!

I would love to learn from professional and existing freelancers here who have been working with Upwork for a long.

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I am a writer in Ethiopia. I love to write, and my area of expertise is script writing. Whether I'm writing engrossing screenplays, persuading prose, educational material, or fascinating stories, I work hard to provide top-notch work that satisfies customers' needs and effectively engages audiences. I am motivated to approach each assignment with originality, accuracy, and attention to detail. I'm also excited to pick up new talents from you guys.

Your work and positivity towards new talents are much appreciated. 

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Hey everyone, I'm Belinda and  I'm thrilled to be a part of this group. Writing has always been my passion, and I'm excited to connect with fellow writers who share the same love for words, creativity, and growth. Looking forward to learning from all of you and supporting each other on this journey!

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 Hi everyone> I am Paul, an Economist by profession

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Hello everyone,

I am new to the platform and as a freelancer on writing and translating which things that I like and want be doing as my regular activities.

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Hello everyone,

I am a new freelancer and i would be thankful to get some tips on finding the first jobs.

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My name is Charlene Marz. I am also a new kid on the block and my head is spinning of all the information. I enjoy writing, ( scriptwriting and poetry). I  would love to write a book, that people would read (lol) someday soon. I turn 50 in November, but have a 10 year old, who keeps me at 30 year old pace. 😂  So I am a bit of a silly salmon swimming upstream.  I hope to connect with all you lovely writing experts and learn how to get atleast my first job on upwork .

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Hello everyone my name is David I'm a copywriter and lead generation adept, I am new to Upwork and I am willing to put effort and quality time into improving my profile on here. Joining your community would be a great honor as it would prepare me for what I am yet to encounter on this platform as I await to execute my first project with utmost perfection and deligence, thank you.

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Hello everyone!


I'm excited to be a part of the Upwork Community and connect with fellow freelancers. Allow me to introduce myself:

I work primarily in the field of Journalism, and I'm currently located in Delhi, Inda. As a freelancer, I'm always striving to learn and grow, so I'm hoping to gain valuable insights and knowledge from other community members. Collaboration and shared experiences can be incredibly enriching! I'm eager to discover new sources of motivation within this community.

Looking forward to getting to know all of you better and learning from your experiences!


Best regards,


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 I am Alice,just joined Up work and am very excited to gain more experience and jobs. 

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I am a newbie here. I join this community to learn my way around this whole freelancing business. Though i have written, edited & proofread all my life, I have not done so online: and the whole idea of an online job is just too scary for me. I need somebody to "hold-my-hand" or so to speak, to help me navigate the mighty "World Wide Web" and help me make a living out of it.

I will especially be asking how to get that one job to kickstart my online Proofreading career, aimimg to ultmately become a Technical Writer. I am a Postharvest Horticulture Specialist.

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I am MD. Shahajada Islam, professionally recognized as Shahajada Islam Syhouk, an Independent Filmmaker hailing from the vibrant landscape of Bangladesh. My journey in the realm of filmmaking is defined by an unwavering commitment, boundless passion, and an unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional results.


With a wealth of experience spanning over 9 years, I have painstakingly honed my skills to consistently exceed the expectations of my clients. Throughout my career, I have embarked on a diverse range of projects, consistently earning enthusiastic reviews and maintaining a 100% positive feedback record from satisfied clients. I cordially invite you to explore my skill repertoire, where the fusion of passion and dedication consistently yields outstanding outcomes, always within agreed-upon timelines.


Throughout my illustrious career, I have had the privilege of collaborating with twelve esteemed companies, including Feelings Production, Boishakhi Television, NTV, Channel i, G Series, the advertising agency Signature Digital, and Peacock Entertainment, among others. Additionally, I have established a valuable partnership with Upwork Entertainment Inc. a creative hub where we conceive and produce original content for both television and film. My portfolio showcases a collection of critically acclaimed works that have left a lasting impact on the world of film and media.


My areas of expertise encompass:





Creative Vision

Production Design

Trends and Industry Knowledge

Story Development

Location Scouting

Casting Visual 

Audio Aesthetics

Legal and Copyright Knowledge

Genre Expertise Adaptability

Technical Knowledge

Screenplay Analysis Project Management


Distribution and Marketing

Risk Assessment

Networking and Collaboration

Business Aspects


My professional footprint continues to expand daily as I broaden my horizons and explore new dimensions within my craft.
Warm Regards,
MD. Shahajada Islam (Shahajada Islam Syhouk)
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I joined this community to meet other freelance writers. I just joined up work hoping to meet more writer and learn from thank you 

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Hi, myself Parijat. I am new here as a freelancer. I have already done a few content writing regarding their thesis during my college days and got paid well. Although it was offline. 

From that I know there are many other who require people for their content writing services. I am happy to help.

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Hello everyone, I am Getabecha from Ethiopia. What I am looking to achieve by joining you, is having a friendly environment by making colleagues, then looking for a job. What I want to learn from other freelancers is everything they want to share with me about how they pass all the challenges on the way. Moreover, they should share their life experience to make me a better person. Thanks for all the things in advance.

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Hi everyone,

I'm Mohamed, a translator and localization specialist. I'm fluent in English and Somali. I'm looking for translation and localization work in these languages.

I've worked on a variety of translation and localization projects, including websites, marketing materials, and technical documents.

If you have any translation or localization needs in English or Somali, please don't hesitate to reach out. I'm always happy to help.


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Hello everyone! I'm Fatima.


I'm a scriptwriter and I would love to meet people in this community and hopefully gain knowledge about the industry from one another.

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New member


Myself Aarzoo from Pakistan
I provide work Taranslations'writing' Ms words typing'and wright article'
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Hello everyone I am Saba Asif.  I am an  experienced medical transcriber.  I am already doing some online work but it is something like 9-5 job.   So I want to freelance just to help myself.  I have some expertise as shown in my profile but here it's all new for me so to all group members I want you to give me advice and suggestions how to do what to do to grow.   Waiting plz reply me thanks

Be patient and succeed
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I am chinedum  just joined this community today with a hope that i can get work .i need all community writers/ members to feel free to guide me , please have a look on my profile to let me know what else is needed. So, that i can attract some clients to get some work to start from this platform.


Thank you all .

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Hello Everyone here,

  • I just want to know About high rated profile
  • I did not recieve any order yet from clients
  • looking for projects 
  • please provide mn valuable info to be get orders
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Hi Everyone, 

This is Nimra Habib 

  • Am a academic research Writer and here want to avail this opportunity
  • 1 publication
  • and writing thesis work on another platforms also