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Please Introduce Yourself!

Hello Everyone! 


This thread is here so you can introduce yourself to your fellow Community members!


You are encouraged to add some details on:

  • what you're looking to achieve with joining this Community​, 
  • what you'd love to learn from other ​freelancers, or 
  • what business processes you've got figured out!

Tell us a little bit about yourself below!

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Hey I'm ekram from Ethiopia l can't find any job on up work I don't know what to do am I wasting my time if not tell me how can I get it

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I joined this community and am looking forward to learn more from y'all, improve my skills and above all make a living out of upwork.
Best Regards.

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I'm new here.

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Hi, am Yasin and I am new to this estate apart from that iam still looking for a job. 

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I am an article and blog writter. I am looking for job and also research I can do it better 


I am Rabia. I'm a resume making and editing and graphic designer. I'm also digital marketing strategy. I'm looking a job. If someone have then give me a chance. I can do it better. 


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Hi everyone,

I'm Ngum dieudonne; it is a great privileged to be part of the community, 

I joined freelance, so I could earn money and pay my tuition at college and other things.

I would love to get in touch with great freelance to grow my skill since I just started a new academic journey in software engineering. I am ready to learn, obey and follow instructions.

I am good at time management, engaging, friendly, intelligent, and proactive.

I tutor English, chemistry, physics, biology, and mathematics. I am good at transcribing, data entry, writing, and doing odd jobs; I also have three years of class experience as a petroleum engineering student. 

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Hi, I'm Deanna! I am brand new to Upwork, and to freelancing in general. My recent work history has been in Admin, but I've wanted to start pursuing writing and proofing jobs. Though I love to write, I don't have the obvious work history that would help me sell myself as being able to do this. I am trying to figure out how to move in this direction, even if I have to start small! So I have a lot to learn and hope you all can help with that!

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I am RabiaBilal. 

I am a writer graphic designer and digital marketing strategy. I'm also a teacher and freelance. So I am looking a job. 


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Hi !, I am Razia. I am new to Upwork, I joined Upwork to earn a bit of income from freelance writing and research work. I was exploring the Upwork community. It is delightful to see everyone's response to encourage growth on the platform . I want to learn from freelancers, about the mode of conducting business online. 

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Hi everyone.

I'm Obeche Solomon, a writer and translator. I major in English, french and Spanish languages. I also edit videos with subtitles. I'm glad to be in your midst. Thanks.

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Hello fellow writers!


My name is Vincent, and I'm excited to join this community. I have been a freelance writer for the past 1 year, specializing in content creation for technology and lifestyle blogs and Scriptwriting. I'm passionate about writing and always strive to produce high-quality work that engages readers.


My skills include strong research abilities, the ability to write in a variety of styles, and a keen eye for detail. I'm currently available for freelance writing work and look forward to connecting with potential clients in this community.


Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any writing opportunities that you think would be a good fit.


Thanks for having me, and I'm excited to be part of this community!

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    Bethany C,
                          My intrest in deply serche in upwork and upwork program upwork skils.Basic example 100% profile completed.ID verifecation and customize overview ,cover letter, and all of other. I me learn more information this upwerk.
                                       Have a good day,
Muhammad Awais,
                                    thanks for waching,

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Goodday everyone,

My name is Oby, i'm new here, i would love to learn how to make good use of the platform and possibly develop my writing skills, get a job and learn from other community members.

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Hey there 

I'm zahira nice to meet you all and I'm also new here so I hope you welcome me and that's it I hope you enjoy your day.

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Hi, Cat here!

I've been around since UpWork was Elance. We won't mention how many years lol! I write tech (computer languages, security) doco and, more often, fiction (Romance - paranormal, contemporary), thrillers, and mysteries - shorts, novelettes, and novels. 

I joined this group to find other experienced, talented writers to whom I can refer clients from all those invitations (especially romance.) I don't do historical, Scottish with a Scottish accent, or super kinky (LOL!) If you do, send me a message and let's yap. I feel badly having to turn down clients without the ability to suggest someone else

I am majid and I am a very good writer but I don't know how can I work with this app please help me

H Cat,

I want to thank you for your generous offer to refer other freelancers to
job invitations you are not interested in doing.

I'm Melissa R, an American multiple award-winning novelist, and
screenwriter of feature films and tv series. I joined Upwork at the end
of November 2022, and am slowly establishing myself on the platform. I have
13 years of professional writing experience for US-based and international

Since December 2022. I have successfully completed two jobs, have two more
that are jobs in progress, and a new story development contract starting on

I have numerous writing samples (16) in my portfolio if you have the time
to vet my writing skills to see if I am a good fit for job referrals. Also,
two customized Upwork catalog projects.
I'm aware that it takes time to build a history of satisfied clients,
receive q JSS, and develop a reputation as a reliable professional. So I do
truly appreciate any referrals.

Thank you in advance for possibly considering me as a freelancer to whom
you would refer your overflow of job invites.

Best regards,
Melissa R

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Not a newbie in the  BPO and KPO Industry. Since Odesk is no longer exist. I'm hoping to meet new people and gain modest experrience in work and life here in Upwork. 

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Hello everyone, I am Plus

I joined this community to meet other freelance writers. I have been an Upwork member since february. I have figured out that keeping an up-to-date profile and submitting well-written and relevant proposals results in quality clients and makes you get badges

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My name is Susann, I am from Cochabamba, Bolivia. I'm a translator from korean to English and/ or to Spanish; I'm also a Beta Reader and a Customer service Specialist. Books are my passion, so Beta Reading is my favorite occupation, but I  am here to learn.

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Hello, everybody

I am Amal,

Iam afreelancer and I also new upwork. I hope to start work on upwork l started three months ago.I have already applied for many jobs but no thing happened. I hope I can make money on time for better life. I hope that clients give me chance to start work with them and trust me. I also hope you help me. 

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I’m Khary De León, from the Dominican Republic. My language is Spanish, so excuse me my poor English.
I want this to be a family that helps us grow on the platform from the experience of other freelancers, and outside of it, thanks to the human relationships developed.
I am a lawyer and until 2022 I had been working face-to-face in that area. In addition to the legal world, I have contributed to publishers, podcasts, and blogs writing book reviews; and as a culinary content writer. 
He applied me to several projects, but only got one. I look forward to being an asset to you and to opportunities for collaboration.
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Hi there.

I am new to this group and also to Upwork, actively looking for my first job. In the community, I am looking for new ideas and strategies to land my first job, though I am fully confident in my skills. I have been freelancing for five years, and then I decided to move to Upwork. But I am surprised to see that there is no opportunity for new users on Upwork.

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Hello, everybody

I am Amal,

Iam afreelancer and I also new upwork. I hope to start work on upwork l started three months ago.I have already applied for many jobs but no thing happened. I hope I can make money on time for better life. I hope that clients give me chance to start work with them and trust me. I also hope you help me. 

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Iam searching for jobs for three months and I have already applied for many jobs but no thing happened can anyone help me and tell me, How can I win the job which I have applied for?

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Hi evertone! My name is Danielle. I am new to to Upwork and would like to be apart of the family. I am currently on one one project so far I am grateful and would love to know more

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Hello everyone, 

  • My name is RabiaBilal. I am new to up work and would like to be part of the family. I didn't get one proposal yet. Kindly help me and give me some tips and techniques. 
  • Form which I can get a proposal. 
  • Thanks
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I'm looking for building related works like estimating and costing for large and small businesses 

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I joined Upwork recently (a couple of days ago) and introduced myself as a Customer Service Representative. This is what I did during the last 6 years. However, I am also a poet and a fiction writer, with some basic content writing experience (for a couple of months, I wrote blog and social network posts for a company I had a freelancer agreement with).
Here in Serbia, I have one published poetry book and the next one is on its way.

I would like to start earning by using my writing potential, however, I am not sure how to start. I don't have enough experience as a content writer and therefore do not meet employers' requirements because they are mostly asking for someone who already worked in the industry.

Any suggestions?

Here is a video presentation of my poem, if someone is interested to see it. Not related to my question, but just another way to introduce myself and my work. 🙂



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Hey Bethany!

  Myself Rimsha Qaisar , is new to the Upwork platform. I just wanna join and meet other freelancers. Still haven't gotten any projects but hoping for the best.

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Hi everyone!

As an undergraduate student studying History and Economics, I'm also really passionate about topics like the climate crisis, entrepreneurship, social impact etc. I've been creating content on LinkedIn to help raise awareness about these issues and would love to connect with others who share similar interests. While working in startups, I supported LinkedIn management and content. I assist in creating and updating LinkedIn profiles.

 If you enjoy reading about or working on these topics, I'd be delighted to stay in touch and learn from each other. **Edited for Community Guidelines**

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Hi beautiful team I'm a freelancer from south Africa, its good to be with you and I'm learning more from you as its my first time to work with upwork.I'm good In reading, and writing stories.The journey has started.

Community Member

Hi Bethany,


Thank you for making me a member among many writers as I look forward to add my pen to the numerous ones here! I look forward to picking up contemporary tips in wrting especially for the corporate world as well professionals who need my words created for them! As I have learnt the hard way in terms of content creation, I have now certified and qualified myself from HubSpot Academy to provide sleek professional content and look for other members who have had the same experience. 

The key business process, I have acquired is to always refer to the reasonable and committed timelines as provided from clients. It always merit to deliver as promised than to leave things half done as it cuts a sorry picture. Lastly, you know you're worth so do not bargain beyond a price point.

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My name is yoseph zerihun and I live in Ethiopia and am lern in st John babtist delasal chatolic secondary school.then I graduated in Addis Ababa university in language study 

It is nice to hear from you
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I am a fresh freelancer. I earn money. Not for self improve  I want to change society's mind because everyone nowadays is a millionaire or billionaire but humanity is a weak point. I want to grow the society brotherhood. And happy everyone 

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My name is Djukui Chantal am from Cameroun.Am new here still trying to get used too this platform.I will love to have advice from old members because actually am studying German to travel in Germany.And I will love to get and opportunity to perform my skill in German 

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Hey everyone! I´m new here, my name is victoria. I´m here because I want to be financially independent. I hope to achieve a great workplace and one where I can make a living solely off of upwork. I'd love to learn how to atract some more visibility and to get clients, also for the more expirienced people around here, I would really aprecciate it if you guys could give me some general tips while using upwork

Hullo there! A good and firm piece of advice I could provide is when you do attract clients, make sure to give them your fullest care and attention - establish a trusting and investing working relationship, so they'll come to you and refer you to others in need of your specialties. If there is one area to truly invest your effort into, it would be this one; the most important thing - Human connection.