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Recommendations for Freelance Apps?

Hello, Upwork community!


I hope everyone is having a productive day. I'm looking for app recommendations to make life easier for freelancers. You know, those tools that become indispensable for organizing our work, improving our productivity, or even managing our finances.


Could you share your favorite apps and why you find them useful? All suggestions are welcome, whether for project management, client communication, time tracking, finances, or any other area.


Thanks in advance for your help!


Best regards!

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I started using Clockify last year to track how I'm spending my time. I just use the free version in a web browser tab, and it's been really helpful in categorizing what I'm doing. Even when I'm doing tasks such as responding to emails and applying to jobs, I clock myself in so I can stay on task. When I move on to do something else, I clock myself out. Since I often proofread by the word rather than by the hour, it's also really insightful to show me how long it really takes me to work on projects.

Thank you for sharing! This is so helpful!

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I use XECurrency to help me get an idea of conversion rates, and World Clock Time Zones to ensure I don't miss video calls. For time tracking I have ManicTime always running in the background. 

Thank you for sharing! This is so helpful!

I always struggle to keep up with time zones!

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Hello , 


Probably you would like to try digiopinion.com , it`s not an apps otherwise it`s may useful to doing work-lightweight ,rest for unactivity moment.


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