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Hello everyone,



I am Putra Mirzamsyar Abidin, a freelancer in the translation field. I'm excited to join the team and contribute to challenging projects.


Currently, I am located in Surabaya-Indonesia, but as a translator, I can work from anywhere with stable internet access. I have experience in translating various types of texts, ranging from business documents to academic materials, and I am always eager to expand my knowledge and skills in this industry.


I look forward to learning a lot from other team members, especially when it comes to effective translation techniques, time management, and the use of the latest software or tools that can improve the productivity and quality of my work.


There are many people who have inspired me in my career, but one of my biggest inspirations is my teacher. I am greatly inspired by his dedication to his craft, his ability to overcome complex challenges, and his commitment to high quality in every translation he makes.


I look forward to collaborating with you all and contributing as much as possible in future projects.

Thank you for this opportunity and best regards,



Putra Mirzamsyar Abidin