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Sharing Scammer Experiences on Freelancing Platforms - Let's Discuss and Learn Together!

Hello, fellow freelancers! :glowing_star:

Have you ever encountered a scammer while working on Upwork or any other freelancing platform? If so, you're not alone. Scammers are an unfortunate part of the online freelancing world, and we must share our experiences to protect one another and learn from these encounters.

I recently had a troubling experience with a scammer on Upwork, which even resulted in my account being suspended temporarily. They tried to shift all the blame onto me, and it was a frustrating ordeal. However, this experience made me realize the importance of community support and knowledge-sharing.

In this discussion, I invite you to share your own experiences with scammers on freelancing platforms. Whether on Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, or any other medium, I want to hear your stories, the events that unfolded, and the valuable lessons you've learned.

Some discussion points:

  1. What was the specific scam or fraudulent activity you encountered?
  2. How did you identify the scammer, and what were the red flags?
  3. What actions did you take when you realized you were dealing with a scammer?
  4. Did you report the incident to the platform, and what was their response?
  5. How did the scammer react when you confronted them or took action?
  6. What were the consequences of the scam for you, and how did you recover?
  7. What advice would you give to freelancers to avoid falling victim to scams in the future?
  8. Are there any questions or concerns you have regarding scams on freelancing platforms that you'd like to discuss further?

Please feel free to share your stories, insights, and questions related to scammer encounters on freelancing platforms. Let's support each other and create a safer online environment for all freelancers.

Remember, knowledge is power, and by sharing our experiences, we can help fellow freelancers avoid similar pitfalls and be better prepared to handle scams in the future. :rocket:

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From my personal experience,  I think Upwork is the safest platform I worked on.  I had a few encounters with scammers on this platform.  It all started when I started to work for someone without a contract.  They will request a high volume of sample work with an assurance to give you the job but not knowing that I was doing the actual job.  My encounter with scammers ends where I am used to accomplish a task on a very tight deadline without getting paid.  


Scammers have invaded other platforms like freelancer and especially social media where I sometimes go to connect. The experience is frustrating and hurtful.  I don't know who to trust.  Those who are saying "trust me, trust me" a lot are those trying to hurt by scam.  Sometimes it is hard to see the red flag.  For example,  I was tasked to translate a 100-page document in less than 48 hours for $ 4000.  Considering the volume,  the duration,  the bonus, and how difficult it is to finish the job by using AI which is the easiest,  I thought it was worth trying.  I forced myself to finish on time only to realize that they had created a fake swiftpay website,  made payment, and were demanding $100 to set my swiftpay account up to allow me to withdraw. That is were I became convinced that I was being scammed. It ended there.  I use that job now as my work sample.  I admit that the $4000 should have constituted a red flag. To be continued ‌😃

Thank you, Tano, for sharing your experience!

It's always eye-opening to hear about these encounters to help us all stay vigilant. The scammers seem to come up with increasingly creative ways to trick freelancers.

I completely agree that trust is a significant factor, and it's challenging to know who to trust, especially in the freelancing world. Your story about the fake Swiftpay website is a stark reminder to be cautious, even when tempting offers come along.

Has anyone else here had similar experiences or encountered different types of scams on freelancing platforms? Let's continue this discussion and share more insights to help each other stay safe and informed.