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Top Tips for Newbie Freelance Writers

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Celia J Member Since: Jul 31, 2017
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Hello, I'm working on a personal project at the moment, a sort of guide for newbie freelance writers, covering things like whether or not freelancing is for them, which platforms to use, how to get into it, etc.


I was wondering, do you have any 'top tips' for freelance writers? I'd love to include a top tips section with quotes from seasoned writers. If you have any top tips you'd be willing to offer, I'd be more than happy to list your name in the e-book acknowledgments. 


Please comment with your top tip and also your name if you'd like to be acknowledged. Tips are specifically for freelance writers.



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Reinier B Member Since: Nov 3, 2015
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Here is one- 

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, stick to what you know. 

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Celia J Member Since: Jul 31, 2017
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Thanks! Your quotes will be included and the name Reinier B acknowledged Smiley Very Happy 

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Richard F Member Since: Sep 9, 2009
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You have to make freelancing your first priority, have a daily diary, and knock it off first. My profile is set to private because I have enough work going forward and don't want to waste other people's time. I have been on Upwork for ten years. This formula still works for me. It is easy to follow if you have passion for writing. That's my second tip.

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Irina I Member Since: Nov 4, 2012
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Here's a tip .. or more..

Don't do this job if you're bad at time management or can't work unsupervised.

Accepting lower paid jobs is ok especially if there's nothing else better on the horizon, for freelancing doesn't have the security of a monthly pay-check.

There's nothing wrong with freelance work, nor with traditional jobs - just make sure you're cut for the type of work you choose, and don't be afraid to switch back if it doesn't work out.


could you please credit me as Charly C. if you must credit me? i dont want my real name in there, sorry.