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Welcome to the Writers & Translators group at Upwork!

This is a community created by and for Upwork members. Please consider this group your online home; this is a place to be proactive and be positive, connect, help one another, collaborate, share stories, give advice, share articles and resources and give encouragement. If you have any questions or topics you would like to discuss, feel free to just start a new topic.


This is a supportive environment to engage with freelancers from the Writers & Translators category. A couple of kind reminders! 


Please do: 

  • Be respectful: of the views and experiences of other members, even if you disagree with them
  • Dive in and respond to the questions of others based on your experiences
  • Introduce yourself, but please only in the dedicated post that welcomes new members
  • Feel free to communicate in your preferred language within this community group
  • Flag any post that may be concerning by clicking ‘notify moderator’ on the post
  • Please be kind and respectful to all in this community

Please don’t: 

  • No data/information collection. The group is to ask for help, share opportunities, not harvest contacts or conduct market research. Please remember that sharing contact information violates the Upwork terms of service but feel free to add one another to your Upwork network on the platform
  • Do not post affiliate links
  • Do not raise topics that could create potential conflicts
  • Do not force speaking certain language(s); please be respectful towards your fellow participants

Familiarize yourself with the Community Guidelines by visiting this link!


We’re excited to have you with us!

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Acquainted? Some of us have been coming here for years! 😀


Back in the days it took only one click to get here.

Jennifer R wrote:

Back in the days it took only one click to get here.

And we've been demoted (along with a few other categories). We have lost our prime real estate status. 

We're really just renaming/combing a few things. It's all under the "Groups" umbrella now now. It gives us a lot more flexbility than a simple forum long-term!

Stan G wrote:

We're really just renaming/combing a few things. It's all under the "Groups" umbrella now now. It gives us a lot more flexbility than a simple forum long-term!

Who is us? 

Nichola and Jennifer,

Feel free to use the Industry groups just as you used Job Skill Discussions before. I understand that many of you, who frequent the Community, were accustomed to the previous format and successfully used it. However, I’ve been watching those spaces ever since they were created and they have always been underutilized. We haven’t had a way to clearly define their purpose and highlight them to the right audiences and as a result unrelated content was frequently posted there. We are planning to change that with the group functionality that offers more features.

In general, check out Stan's post here for more information about groups.  We will continue testing and launching a lot of new things. Something we’ve wanted to do as long as I can remember but never had enough resources to. Now we do, and I’m sincerely excited about it. I understand if you don’t share my excitement and feel skeptical. However, I’d like to ask you to allow us some time to build and some room to change (sometimes even a chance to try and fail.)

~ Valeria

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Data entry arjernt job

1. It takes too long to get into the groups.


2. In "Writers & Translators" we used to find discussions related to writing and translating, just like the discussions in "Agencies", "Clients", and "New t Upwork" are dedicated to certain aspects of freelancing on Upwork. It had nothing to do with ""Please take some time to look around, get acquainted with some of your peers, and let us know how we can help".


3. You are not renaming, you are repurpusing. That is a hugh difference.

Am very new here, , need help in understanding the ways to connect with others, , anyone?


the same to you


Dear Upwork Community &jennifer,

I am excited to join the Upwork platform and have already experienced the warm and supportive atmosphere here. My name is Hussain, and I am a proficient content writer with a passion for creating engaging and high-quality content.

If you are in need of top-notch content that delivers results, I am here to assist you. Please feel free to reach out if you require my content writing expertise.

Looking forward to the opportunity to work with you and contribute to your projects.

Best regards,


Any reason we no longer see a timestamp for the most recent post, as is the rule elsewhere?

Hi Michael,

Is the timestamp for recent posts still missing on your end?

~ Vladimir

Thanks for the follow up, Vladimir.


To be clearer, I am seeing a specific timestamp on posts, and that is good.


What I meant to be asking about was the date tag (weekday of recent posts, date of older posts) on the Writers & Translators overview/index. That is what I was not seeing before, and am seeing now. That meets my needs.


Thanks if this was tweaked (and oops if my question was based on my own oversight)!


It's on the landing page ("Group Activity") where most recent posting dates and times are missing. There's no way to know whether the six responses attched to a post date from six minutes or six months ago.

Writers & Translators landing pageWriters & Translators landing page

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the follow-up. I do see the discrepancy with the date of the initial post being displayed unlike in the Discussion boards, without the timestamp as well. I can confirm this is a default setting and I've flagged it already so we would consider taking any possible action to change these settings. We appreciate your report.

~ Vladimir

hi i am a experience translator can give me any work for translatios

Ali Abbas

You're right 

Hello Jennifer 

Hi jeni
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Hello there?

I'll appreciate a mentor in here.

Guess I have a lot to learn. 

Thank you all. 

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Thank you, Bethany, for the warm welcome!

I joined the group today, but I am really not looking forward to receiving a copy of ALL the new posts IN MY MAILBOX! I'd prefer to just receive replies to my own posts. But I'm assuming there is a setting option somewhere for me to choose to solve this. Going on a tour now...

Hi Alexandra,

I understand the influx of notifications you're receiving and can help with fine-tuning your subscriptions. When you join a group you’re automatically subscribed to the group and will be notified for every new topic that is started.

To unsubscribe from a post/thread/forum/group:

  1. Select your account menu (click the photo/name in the upper-right corner) > go to My Subscriptions
  2. Check the item you've subscribed to > select Options (three-dot icon) > “Delete Selected Subscriptions”.
  3. Alternatively, open the item you’ve subscribed to > select Options (three-dot icon) > “Unsubscribe”.

Once you unsubscribe from the two groups you're subscribed to, you'll only receive notifications for responses posted on threads you're subscribed to. There's no option to receive notifications only for responses to your own post.

~ Vladimir
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Hi Bethany! Thanks for the info. I tried to browse through the Community Group FAQ and got directed to a Google Doc link, asked for permission but it got denied. Please advise.

Hi Gustavo,

Thanks for the heads-up. I've updated the link and you can now access the Community Group FAQs Bethany referenced. Thank you.

~ Vladimir
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My name is Sai Nuam Khe. I live in Myanmar. My job is to translate news and books. I have worked in the international travel industry for 4 years. Translation of office documents. He is a specialized researcher who knows Myanmar's political affairs well. I want to get an international job.

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Please add me to this group highly wanted to be part of this group.


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Please add me into this group. Thanks

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Thank you!

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Hi Bethany C,

Thank you for having me. Why so many steps to get started in Upwork-its really a bit time-consuming! 

Farhana J wrote:

Hi Bethany C,

Thank you for having me. Why so many steps to get started in Upwork-its really a bit time-consuming! 

If I may interject:

Because Upwork is a marketplace for professional services. Their onboarding process pales in comparison to what it takes to present oneself as a professional in the offline world, and maintain that presence. Many of the most successful freelancers on Upwork are grateful for its reducing the amount of overhead we have to spend on marketing, prospecting, and billing.

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Thank you so much.

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Hello there?

I am new on upwork and would like to connect with experts here to guide me through.


Hello Ben,
Keep learning how to leverage your skills, and you will enjoy working on Upwork. 

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Hi Bethancy C,

Hope this message finds you well.

I have recently join upwork and excited to be part of it. I am glad that I found this group. I am looking forward for writing opportunities. Please do let me know if any service needed. I assure you I will satisfy the jobs' need.

Have a nice day ahead!

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Thenks for the warm welcome, , am already feeling at home, , , looking forward to working with you

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Hello, do we have a specific group for Swahili translators alone? 
Thank you. 

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I'm new to Upwork and I was wondering if there are ever any jobs here to translate from Portuguese to English and vice versa .

Kind regards