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Welcome to the Writers & Translators group at Upwork!

This is a community created by and for Upwork members. Please consider this group your online home; this is a place to be proactive and be positive, connect, help one another, collaborate, share stories, give advice, share articles and resources and give encouragement. If you have any questions or topics you would like to discuss, feel free to just start a new topic.


This is a supportive environment to engage with freelancers from the Writers & Translators category. A couple of kind reminders! 


Please do: 

  • Be respectful: of the views and experiences of other members, even if you disagree with them
  • Dive in and respond to the questions of others based on your experiences
  • Introduce yourself, but please only in the dedicated post that welcomes new members
  • Feel free to communicate in your preferred language within this community group
  • Flag any post that may be concerning by clicking ‘notify moderator’ on the post
  • Please be kind and respectful to all in this community

Please don’t: 

  • No data/information collection. The group is to ask for help, share opportunities, not harvest contacts or conduct market research. Please remember that sharing contact information violates the Upwork terms of service but feel free to add one another to your Upwork network on the platform
  • Do not post affiliate links
  • Do not raise topics that could create potential conflicts
  • Do not force speaking certain language(s); please be respectful towards your fellow participants

Familiarize yourself with the Community Guidelines by visiting this link!


We’re excited to have you with us!

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Thanks I'm well try my best

I am muslim

I am specialist in Igbo language. I can translate any Igbo language to
English language.
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I personally liked and love this initiative of putting the writers and translators togather. It's good lead and we want to be it's one constituent. Thanks

Gyanandra pratap singh
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Hi Everyone, I am new @ Upwork  Intrested in Translation from   English to Arabic Or Arabic to English.

Dear Habib:

Your profile is private. Make it public for any review.


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Dear Fraz !Thank you I have done my profile public

You are welcome Habib.


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Hello Bethany I am happy to be your Community Team.

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I'm excited to finally link up to a forum that could serve as a jumping off point for my writing, editing, and proofreading career to go forward in earnest.  I have over a quarter century of mostly medical and legal writing and editing; but I also write recreationally for my own enjoyment.  I would rather read than eat or sleep, but I'm horrified by the errors: misspellings, incorrect grammar usage, and jacked up syntax.  I want to elevate the game for anyone who entrusts me with their "baby" (manuscript).  I'm soldiering on with my plans whether anyone on here takes a chance on me or not, and I eventually plan to start a cottage publishing house.  Get in touch with me and let's try to set the world on fire!

Tammy Scott

Hi Tammy. welcon to the group If you like to translate your work in arabic then I am the right person for that job.

wish you happy time .

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Dear Upwork Community,


I am excited to join the Upwork platform and have already experienced the warm and supportive atmosphere here. My name is Muhammad Ahmer Pirzada, and I am a proficient content writer, Translator, Dara Entry with a passion.

If you are in need of top-notch content that delivers results, I am here to assist you. Please feel free to reach out if you require my content writing expertise.

Looking forward to the opportunity to work with you and contribute to your projects.

Best regards,

Muhammad Ahmer Pirzada

Welcome to joining the Up work. i hope you will find good jobs here.
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Hi! I would like to work with writing that has to do with History, I am a researcher and my language is native Spanish and if you know of something that has to do with my specialty I would appreciate if you could let me know. I am not a translator. Only Spanish.

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I am Akhila Tp New to Up work, I am 20 years old, am diploma in civil engineering student in government polytechnic college meenangadi, wayanad Kerala. I am from sulthan Bathery, wayanad, Kerala. Here, I came to know about the online job, so I take an opportunity to do this work. My aimm is to earn an income in my small age itself, I will try my best for this work A days before I work as an site engineer, and a typist in PWD office near Tomy home town. So, I will take this work as my great stands and I will work hard to complete the work by the given period of time. Thank you ☺️.

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hello family can you tell me how am able to take upwork certificate

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Good day everyone here, I'm pleased to be here. I'm new here and ready to learn. I sign up on Upwork today and I have submitted a proposal already and I am hopeful.