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Who am I?

My name is sipho Joseph currently based in South Africa. I am a writer of all most everything there is to write. Screenplays, music lyrics and even books to name just a few. My language proficiency is Nothern Sotho, Isizulu and English. I can offer translation services in those languages. Even though I strive to learn more each and every day. 


You have an English written story but want to translate into an African language. I am your go to guy. 

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hi everyone it's momna from Pakistan i am new on upwork as i just joined
a week ago i'm still struggling a lot to find my first jobi have lost all
of connects that i have while sending job proposals you are free to inbox
me for any kinda work visit my profile to know how can i assist you thank
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Hi everyone I am Onesmus from Kenya,I really glad to be part of the
family,I really request any for guidance on how to grow my platform.