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Wrong timezones on translation jobs

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Jan Q Member Since: Nov 9, 2015
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I have noticed that on all the bogus job posts/free work for tests (of which there are many and all coming from the same source)   the time zone is inaccurate on every bogus client detail.  I have no idea how this time zone actually appears on the client id. Is it the client that selects the time manually? Does the time get put on automatically from their IP? The times  have ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous. I looked up a couple and they were not correct for any country in the world. Not once has the time been correct on the many bogus jobs of this MO that I have flagged. However, after a few days, they become accurate.  ( is this automated perhaps?)


Therefore, a wrong time zone on an unverified post should be taken seriously as an indicator that the job is a scam.


What confuses me is this.

This is long running succesful scam, with multiple job postings under separate bogus client accounts set up on a daily basis until they have collected all the free work/tests. It works like a dream. Nothing can stop them, it seems( except no free tests). So, why would they not give the correct time details for the country that they have selected as their bogus country. They clearly are not stupid.

Yet wrong every time on every job post.

Curiouser and curiouser

regards Jan