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Re: low payment

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Nicolas A Member Since: Apr 29, 2015
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@Jutta B wrote:

I think Upwork is perfect for those who have a long established Profile and client list. I'm only doing this for about 2-3 years and I'm just starting to build up return clients and (hopefully) will have my first large project coming up shortly.

It is however an 'added' feature for me to my normal daily job as I have plenty of spare time.

I do hope that in 10 years or so I will be able to get my main income from what i'm building here, but you have to have patience. Don't take low paid jobs, even if the pay valuewise is 'high'. 250$ for 25,000 words is still one of the lowest rates. Set your rate per word and stick to that. Deliver the quality of work that makes those rates deserved.

Take smaller high value jobs ( 30$ for 300 words is perfect in my eyes for now) and build your JSS. have patience.

 1,000 kudos to that!